Sunday, April 14, 2013

Are you hungry?

They can’t give directions. They don’t understand a cross
street, much less north or south. No, I’m not talking about men…although it
might be a topic for another day. 
I’m currently bemoaning the teens and 20-somethings reared with GPS apps
and navigation systems: on their phones, tablets and computers and of course,
in their cars since their grade-school car-pooling days. These young adults
have never had to give directions, or verbally receive them, so heaven help the
person from out of town (like me) who is lost — with no nav system in the
rental car and cell phone GPS on the blink because I forgot my mobile charger
and the battery is dead—and has to call and ask for directions…and one of these
young adults answers the phone.

It goes something
like this…

Me: “Hi, I’m
looking for your office and am close by, but my nav system isn’t working. Can
you give me directions please?”

Her: “We’re on
Ridge Route.”

Me: “Yes, and I
am on Ridge Route at Bake Parkway, heading South. Have I passed you? Do I need
to turn around?”

Her: “Bake

Me: “Yes, before
my phone battery died and I lost my GPS app, it showed your location on Ridge
Route with the major cross street of Bake Parkway or Lake Forest Boulevard…I
can’t remember which.”

Her: “We’re on Ridge
Route in the city of Lake Forest.”

Me: “Yes. I know
the city is Lake Forest, and you are on Ridge Route, but what is the closest
major cross street? Lake Forest or Bake?

Her: “Cross street?
What’s a cross street?”

Me: Audible sigh,
deep breath, then slow exhale, and…”Are you north or south of Lake Forest Blvd…

Her: “I know
we’re near a McDonald’s.”

Me: “Do I turn in
at the McDonald’s, assuming I find it?”

Her: “Are you

Me: “No, I’m not
hungry. I do appreciate your help, but I’m curious…is there anyone else there
who might be able to give me some more detailed instructions?”

Her: “My manager
is at McDonald’s. Do you want him to call you when he comes back? I guess I
could text him. He might wanna finish his lunch first.”

Me: “No. Thank you
though. But do please let your manager know that the order I was going to
place…the one I spoke to him about last week, for 6,000 pairs of boots, is not
going to happen. I am now heading south, then I will go west for a quarter mile,
then after the intersection I will make a u-turn and then turn right onto the
on-ramp and go north on I5 and head back to the airport.

Her: “On-ramp?”

Postscript: At
the time of my call, I was only a half-mile from my destination, just past (or south
of) the McDonald's. The location is way back in the center and not visible from
the street (nor from the McDonald's). The manager did try to get a hold of me 10
minutes later. He sent a text to my dead cell phone and wrote: “we r on ridge route n lake forest. my assist said u r hungry. i saved you sum fries. C u soon.”

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm sitting here staring at my beautiful, growing son and realizing how happy I am. I never thought I would be a mommy, let alone so happy being one. Before I met my husband I swore I would never have kids. I was afraid of SO much! Most of all being a horrible selfish parent. I was afraid that i would never overcome issues, insecurities, and unhappiness and that it would be a horrible to make a decision to have kids under those circumstances. 

When I met my husband he made me the happiest I've ever been and showed me what love was, and things I can over come and be. He gave me faith in myself, in life and now my wonderful adorable son. Together they have made me so happy and proved me wrong. I am already a better mommy than I thought I could ever be and its only the beginning. I have no doubt that I will keep proving me self wrong and continue to be a great mommy. I already know that Ive over-come my selfishness because my priority in every situation is my son and it will be forever. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

On and off lately I've been so hurt by my brother. When we were younger we weren't close at all. As a matter of fact we were at each others throats a lot, literally. When I moved out and got my own place and grew up things changed. I wanted to be around him and appreciated him as my brother. When I was younger I NEVER hugged him and not too long after I moved out I gave him a hug and he gave me a hard time for it. That was just an example of close we weren't. 

Anyway, Im not really close to my mom either and because of that I feel like I grew of attachment to my brother. I think its because he's the only who knows where I come from and what I've been through. He's the only one I don't feel judged by or don't feel like I have to explain why I rarely talk to her. When people ask about her and I say im not really sure, people wonder "wow, how can you not talk to your mom?" It sucks because obviously I don't wanna tell them my whole life story. Well, since my attachment has grown stronger and stronger over the years especially since I gave birth to my beautiful son I've also grown sensitive to his actions. He doesn't always reply to my texts and i don't feel like he makes a great effort to keep me in his life or be in my sons life, which hurts greatly. My son has many uncles but my brother is the only uncle by blood. Out of my whole family he is the one person that I really truly care if he's in my sons life. 

I know he's busy, he's a guy, and he lives in Santa Cruz but I am the only family member he has this close and is somewhat normal. lol. I just thought we would be more of a priority. I've tried writing him an email expressing my feelings cuz me and him aren't good with emotions and things like this but nothing really changed. He said he was sorry and made one effort than that was it. I have never told him this but without him I feel alone. I feel alone because i don't feel I have anyone in my family. I would never tell him that because I feel like it would be too much pressure. I just want him there, not all the time or anything but on holidays, birthdays, and random days just to hang out. I want him to want to be around his nephew, his only sister,  only family member around, and only person who came from the same dysfunctional family. I feel like we get each other and understand why we are the way we are. I just don't want him to be yet another family member I have to give up on being in my life. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We've lived in our current place for almost two years now and the whole time we have had trouble with our neighbors. I mean not face to face or anything but they are always loud and we can always count on something going on there. From pot smoking and smells, loud noises, and couples or siblings arguing. When they argue its loud with a lot of profanities. 

Now that I have a baby its a lot more annoying. I could take it before or even be amused by it but now its waking up the baby or disrupting the baby. its not just during the day its all hours of the night. I don't even know what to do... I mean do I really wanna have a confrontation with these people??? Do I really wanna have problems with my neighbors?? But seriously I not only have to listen to them and their loud antics but I have to smell them. Smell their pot & cigarette smoke and dog shit thats piling up in their back patio. Obviously smell travels so we're hit with it every time we come and go in our car. I really don't wanna smell it nor do I want my nine month old to smell it. 

I don't even know what to do but right now I think our plan will be to grin and bear and hope we can get out of here asap though it looks like we'll at least be here till March 2014. =( 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Onto a New Beginning

It's strange thinking that this will be the last time I post here...
This blog has been such an incredible part of my life over the last couple years!
& YOU have been such an incredible part of my journey!
As sad as it is, it's time to move on.
One chapter/book is ending, in order for another to begin.

If you'd like to continue on with me, I'll be here over here:
Now that I'm a Mama and learning how to live within that role, I feel called to start a new chapter per say, in the blogging world.
I wont be closing this blog... it'll always be here. But there wont be any more words or pictures added...

For family and friends who've followed in order to get a little glimpse into our lives, I'll be sharing pictures of Hunter & Emerson and the bits of day to day fun that we have on Facebook more often now. {linking Instagram and Facebook so you'll get a full dose of babies if you so desire}

I love you all and am so grateful to have been able to share this HappyWife journey with you!!!

again, if you feel like following me into this next chapter, click the "She Shall Thrive" link above and it'll take you there!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Why I Won't for Obama in 2012

I voted for Obama in 2008.  I admit it - I bought into the hype, and the whole hope-and-change bit. 
Well, 4 years later and I can tell you that "hope-and-change" was little more than "smoke-and-mirrors".  Granted, Obama is intelligent, interesting and a fabulous orator, but as a leader he is woefully inept. 

In my opinion, the president has two MAIN duties above all others: 1) protecting our interests at home and abroad; and 2) ensuring (as much as possible) that the economy stays healthy and that people can find jobs. 
So, how has he done? National Security: bin Laden is dead. This was big. However, since then, his record has been lousy. He routinely ignores his security/intelligence briefings, and his response to the Middle East crisis has been (at very best) extremely lukewarm. Iran will very quickly become a nuclear power, and he's done almost nothing to stop this. (Case in point: he's too busy to meet with Israeli PM Netanyahu, but yet has time to film "Letterman". REALLY??) 
The Economy: again, abysmal record. Unemployment is still ridiculously high; real family income is practically in free fall; and he really truly feels that government is "the answer", as opposed to the private sector. 
Now, I'm FAR from a Romney fan, but I find myself asking: do I want a charming intelligent yet INEPT leader marching us 4 more years towards Socialism.... or do I want a somewhat stiff and cloddish capitalist who UNDERSTANDS Economics 101 and wants to work to pull us out of the quicksand, before we sink deeper? 
In my mind, the answer is very clear.  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Death of a Hero

Today is a sad day for me... one of my (literary) heroes has fallen off her pedestal.  As in crashed to the ground and shattered in a million pieces, fallen.

I really really love Ann Lamott's writing - I think she is profoundly talented.  I've written about her before on this blog:  Bird by Bird, Operating Instructions, and Traveling Mercies are some of the BEST non fiction books I've ever read.  Ever.

She is smart, wickedly funny and a great independent thinker but OH.MY.GOODNESS are her FaceBook posts irritating. She is wildly self-absorbed... just over-the-top. 

Such a buzzkill when one of your 'heroes' turns out to be that way....